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The Race to Sixteen Wins → Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


may the odds be ever in your favor:  NHL 2014 playoffs begin - 04.16.14

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teams in the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs

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Will I live to see another day?

Live to See Another Day - All Good Things (x)

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It might be a monday but there’s playoff Hockey coming Wednesday. 
It’s time to get excited.


"Playoff hockey, you can’t say enough about it. It’s the best time of the year."

- Patrice Bergeron (x)

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"…you might have seen me accidentally punch my linemate, Brad Marchand, in the face in our game against Colorado. The next day the guys were talking about it. Really it was accidental, but guys were teasing saying that I meant to do it. No, I really was trying to get the other guy away from Marchy. I misread my reach I guess and came too close and hit him. I was just trying to help, but I guess I made it worse. Marchy didn’t even realize it at the time. He didn’t know it was my glove hitting him. He thought it was the other guy’s. So he didn’t say anything until he saw the video. Luckily it’s never happened to me and I’m glad because I felt pretty badly that I was the one that did it to Marchy.” - PB37 x